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  Always In Good Taste.

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Four guys                  Four stories
Mark Yoakam 
       aka "Skittles"

Mark can't remember where he (or his musical ability) came from. A deft guitarist and unintelligible vocalist, Mark's Bad Candy name reflects an array of personality issues, including "Justin Bieber" envy.
Rick Pappano
   aka "Sugar Daddy"

Rick never learned to play bass or sing; the band simply tolerates him for reasons that defy explanation. His Bad Candy name is a cruel joke: he is astonishingly unsexy, as well as a notorious tightwad.
  Jeff Golden
    aka "Butterfinger"

Jeff learned to play guitar and sing just about 6 weeks ago. His Bad Candy name reflects what a truly sloppy guitar player he is.  While most people praise his vocal ability, he has had many a rotten tomato thrown at him.
​  Chris Stongle            aka "Lollipop"

As you can see, Chris loved Telly Savalas. Since he loves lollipop's too we just had to get him in the band. He also goes by Mr. Goodbar because the groove is always so good.